About us


Founded in early 2017, fobric is an engineering company, which operates almost exclusively in the automotive industry. Despite a short history, fobric is ambitious, placing its goal in being to achieve a prominent position in the national market and to foster a philosophy of international expansion. The implemented international strategy has already allowed fobric to approve several OEM components and to be present in several markets.

fobric is a Full Service Provider, ensuring support from design to production, offering customized logistics solutions and providing to it’s customers the FYP platform (Follow Your Project) which allows real-time monitoring of the project, bringing full transparency to the industry.

The experience gathered by fobric’s management in the Automotive industry, always in the cold forming world, allowed to detect the lack of the support of the specialists to the Product Engineering, originating complex and expensive approaches in the production of the components. Our commitment is to be the partner that the customer needs, by meeting the engineering requirements and supplying the cold forming components (and others) which belong to the same system, offering a total and final solution. We seek a “win-win” perspective in every interaction with our costumers.