Full Service Provider

FOBRIC identifies itself as a Full Service Provider (FSP) since it is able to develop and supply its customers with all the metal components of a project in a turnkey service.
It has the means to perform the complete management of the entire supply chain, cooperate in the design and development of new products and ensure quality control. With its global network of certified partners who can offer a wide range of products, combined with the speed of communication resulting from having only one point of contact, FOBRIC enables its customers to focus on their own processes.
Customers can then leave all product responsibility to FOBRIC, which takes care of every step from design and conception to product delivery:

Etapas do projeto - 1. Elaboração do projeto

Project development

Development and design of the product according to the customer’s specific needs.

Etapas do projeto - 2. Gestão da produção

Production management

Monitoring of all stages to ensure that all Quality requirements and previously established deadlines are met.

Etapas do projeto - 1. Elaboração do projeto

Product delivery

Delivery of the product through customized logistics solutions.

These turnkey services consolidate the creation of long-lasting and trusting relationships between FOBRIC and the its customers, who benefits from efficiency and productivity gains.

Full Service Provider (FSP)

Project management

FOBRIC has a project management department consisting of a highly specialized multidisciplinary team. We are ready to develop everything from standard components to highly complex components in terms of their engineering and design. We are also ready to monitor and provide the necessary support to our customers’ projects:

1st stage

APQP planning (advance product quality planning)

2nd stage

Product design and development

3rd stage

Process design and development

4th stage

Product and process validation

Process monitoring is documented to ensure that new projects are in line with previously defined customer requirements, ensuring their execution within the deadline for industrialization.
The apqp’s are managed by a dedicated person and all the information is available in the client’s area in fyp (e.g.).