FOBRIC was founded in 2017 with the goal of becoming a reference in components engineering for the automotive industry.
A young team – but with considerable experience – got together in a multidisciplinary group, inspired by the belief that it would be possible to improve customer satisfaction through product and process development, thus creating a company with a differentiated business model.

FOBRIC is an engineering company specialized in metallic components. It presents itself to the market as a Full Service Provider (FSP), meaning that it is the sole point of contact to the customer from product development and conception, through project management and production all the way to the components delivery. The company thus provides the customer a considerable gain in terms of communication efficiency and productivity, focusing on the creation of close relationships with the customer, that allow transparency and speed in the information flow. It is also equipped with hardware, software and highly specialized human resources to guarantee product compliance for even the most demanding of clients.

FOBRIC has a wide portfolio of case studies, regarding product and / or process improvements, which allow cost reduction on the customer’s end.
Due to investment in highly qualified HR and disruptive hardware and software, the company was able to achieve innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time and with successful implementation in production.

Based in Portugal, FOBRIC is currently operating in the Spanish, Moroccan, French, Italian, Polish and Mexican markets.
In 2021 the company reached a total of 41% direct exports and 66% in total direct and indirect exports.
Despite the high investments made since the creation of the company, in 2022 it is expected to double this investments, in order to present increasingly differentiated and sustainable solutions for its clients.


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Company reaches 15 employees