Hose Connectors


Fobric has developed a unique forging process capable of producing hose connectors from tube in a highly practical, and fully automated way.
It is a process that guarantees high quality at a very high pace. This solution allows us to offer the market a very competitive solution for the manufacturing of these components.

Raw material

The raw material used in the production of this type of components is mostly aluminum alloys.


Hose connectors are used in the automotive industry, mainly in chillers in the cooling system of electric car batteries, and in the general industry, in heat systems.


Cold forming machine

As a result of a significant R&D investment, a cold forming equipment has successfully adapted to the hose connectors production from aluminum tubes. It was also successfully achieved process automation through an automatic feeder.

Artificial vision machine sorting

100% sorting through artificial vision that allows the detection of non-conformities.