Profile transformation


Fobric has developed a range of profile processing equipments with parallel operations where cycle time is dictated by the longest operation. The use of profile with optimized section together with a 100% automated and fast process, allows us to offer the market a very competitive solution in the manufacturing of these components.

Raw material

The raw material used in the machining of parts from profile is mostly aluminum and steel alloys.


Profile parts can have numerous applications in various industries, such as the automotive industry, general industry, etc.


Transfer machine 

Equipment specifically designed to produce components from a specific profile. It has automatic feeding and 6 stations, allowing to perform several operations simultaneously, such as: profile cutting, milling, drilling, threading, and unloading.

Artificial vision sorting machine

100% sorting through artificial vision that allows the detection of non-conformities.

Mechanical selection machine (Poka-yoke & error proof systems)

Mechanical system that transports the parts with vibration to the Poka-Yokes, segregating the non-conforming parts.